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What is the Artery?

Since we opened way back in 2010, our aims and objectives haven't changed, in fact we have just intensified our efforts to make them come true! The main aim here at The Artery is to make learning art and buying art supplies accessible and affordable to anyone wishing to. We are filled to the rafters with fantastic art supplies to suit every budget, and our art classes are at a cost that give excellent value for money.

Although we stock most major brands of art supplies, Barry's golden rule is that he would never sell anything he wouldn't be happy to use himself. He has been an artist and art tutor for several decades, and has worked for companies such as Daler-Rowney as their UK acrylic demonstrator, and has also taught classes for Leisure Painter magazine. He is extremely passionate about passing on traditional art skills and teaches technique, not style, and covers each subject step-by-step and with humour to inspire confidence in your ability. Our amazing sales team are also arty and crafty, and are able to give you the best advice on what supplies are best for your needs and for your budget, as well as which class may be best for you to start in. We also have an online shop where you can browse and buy what we have in store, and either Click and Collect, or we will post it off to you wherever you are in the UK.

We hold around 40 art classes every month, all year round in our first floor classroom, which are suitable for beginners due to Barry's teaching technique. If you are unable to attend our classes in real life, you have the option to join us online and paint from home for just £6. You see exactly what the students would see in the classroom and can ask question throughout to deepen your learning. Our lessons cover all techniques and mediums, such as watercolour, acrylics, art history, oils, drawing, gouache, and calligraphy - all taught by Barry. During lockdown, Barry took a course in art therapy, and mindfulness teaching, and we endeavour to make our lessons are therapeutic as we can, which not only helps you mentally, but also aids you in getting the most out of each class.

Jacqui has worked for The Artery since 2013, and as well as painting, and doing crafts, she is also a master at crochet! Full of helpful advice, she will be able to help you with your arty queries.

So whether you're new to the art world, have been a dabbler for years and want to hone your skills, or if you are pretty good, but want to meet like-minded people and learn a few new things along the way, then grab a brush or pencil, and join us!

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