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We get asked many questions about what we do, how to purchase, and about our classes, so here are a few of our frequently asked questions and answers which will hopefully answer your query.

Do you post orders of art supplies out to places outside of the 6 mile radius mentioned on your ShopAppy online shop page?

Yes! The ShopAppy platform was designed to encourage people to shop locally and so has a standard message of postage to a six mile radius. However we know we have customers from not only our local area, but throughout the whole of the UK, as well as abroad. So if you live in mainland UK, you are able to sign up to ShopAppy and order from us. If you live over seas, it may also be possible to post to you, but please get in touch via our contact form and we will see if we can help. We currently post out art supplies to almost every county in the UK, so we are sure we have something on our shelves that is just what you are looking for!

Do you charge for postage and packaging?

No. We realise that as a very small business to be able to compete with the online giants we need to offer even better customer service and experience. With this in mind we made the decision not to charge for any postage and packaging for orders to mainland UK. What's more, there is no minimum spend! So if you just need one paintbrush or pencil, we will ship it out to you First Class post for FREE!

How do I pay for the online classes?

We have utilised our ShopAppy online shop to also act as a booking area for our classes. We would prefer it if you used this method to book and pay your classes, as it gives us a better idea of who is attending and who is new and may need more support accessing the classes. To book a specific class or see the whole list of current and up-coming classes, you can go here.

We also have a sister site artstreamclub.com where you  can browse past recorded lessons and watch the full unedited recordings whereever you are with NO FACEBOOK needed. Simply purchase the lesson, download a small PDF file contsaining a photograph of Barry's reference art of the session, and a lesson link you can access as often as you want.

Once I have booked and paid for an online class, what do I do next?

Our online classes are currently operating through closed and private facebook groups. When the pandemic hit and we move donline, we made the decision to utilise the private groups of Facebook as many students already had accounts.

Step 1 is to make sure you have a Facebook account. It is free.

Step 2 is to request to join the appropriate group. Every single class has its own group (so a separate class for Monday mornings, another one for Monday evening watercolour, another for Wednesday afternoon drawing, and so on). Due to privacy and data protection , we cannot add you to the groups, you need to request to join them. You can do this here.  

Once we have received your request to join, you will be approved and have full access to the group.

How do I access a lesson and join in live?

We post a reference image into the group as well as suggested colours or tools needed at least one hour before the class begins. This is to give those who need it, more time to sketch it out. We do also allow 15-20 minutes at the beginning of each lesson for drawing out, so do not worry if you do not get time before.

It is recommended that you log into the group just a few minutes before the lesson starts. This is to allow you time to see the notification that the lesson is live. We have found that eagerness doesn't always work to your advantage in a digital world, and that students who have logged in to the group much earlier than before the lesson is live do not get notified. Should this happen, simply refresh your screen and you should see the video marked as 'live' within the group's newsfeed. You are then good to go and join in and make comments! Please note that from time to time a lesson may be late starting due to either internet problems or an emergency on the shop floor, so please bear with us - the lesson will be start. If you cannot for whatever reason find the lesson, do not panic. Message us via our shop's Facebook page message facility and we will help you. Please do not ring the shop as it will most often mean that Barry has to abandon the lesson you are trying to access in order to take your call, which is unfair on the rest of the students. If you messaged the shop's Facebook page we are in a much better position to help you get where you need to be.

How do I access a previous 'Catch-Up' lesson?

Once you are in the correct class group, find the 'topics' section. There you will have three choices: To view 'reference image' which is all of the refernce images used in all of the lessons by date order, 'live lesson' which lists all of the live lessons in date order and with titles, and finally 'student work' where you can take a look at the work created by students who have been doing the lessons and have shared them within the group. To just watch a lesson, select 'live lesson' and choose the lesson you have booked for.

We also have a sister site artstreamclub.com where you  can browse past recorded lessons and watch the full unedited recordings whereever you are with NO FACEBOOK needed. Simply purchase the lesson, download a small PDF file contsaining a photograph of Barry's reference art of the session, and a lesson link you can access as often as you want.

I do not do online shopping, is there a way I can still access and pay for supplies and classes?

Yes. We can take payment for classes in other ways for situations like this. A great way is in person at the shop (depending on opening hours and the pandemic Tier system). You can call in and book and pay for online classes that way.

You will however, still need a Facebook account to access the online classes.

Another option is via PayPal. Please ensure you put the date/title of the class and your name in the comment section of the payment so we know what and who it is for. You can make a PayPal payment here. We also take payments via Bank Transfer (BACs). If this is your preferred way to pay, please contact us so we can provide the details.

What if I cannot find stock items I am looking for on your ShopAppy page, and is what you have on there all you have?

If you cannot find an item you are looking for, then please contact us, as we do not have our full stock range on ShopAppy and we cantake a look at what we have.

Similarly, if you require urgent items, please conatct us so that we can double check we have the items in stock before you order. Very occasionally there is an overlap with quantities listed and purchases whichi means that sometimes we may be out of stock of an item even if it showing as available on ShopAppy.

What happens if I order an item but it is out of stock?

On these occasions we will contact you to inform you, and we will either offer a similar substitut, ask if you'd like to wait until we get it delivered and post it out to you FREE of charge, or work with ShopAppy to refund you for the missing item.

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