OUr Manifesto

Affordable, Accessible Art Eduction for All

The ARtery Manifesto

We believe that:

  • All learners, regardless of age, nationality, belief,  gender, sexual orientation, or background, should have entitlement and access to affordable visual art education. Our classroom is a safe space for everyone to access such education.
  • Education through art inspires knowledge, appreciation and creation of culture.
  • All learners are entitled to an art education that deeply connects them to their world. It creates openings and horizons for them to new ways of seeing, thinking, doing and being.
  • Our educational programme and curriculum  helps learners with confident flexible intelligences, and creative verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Visual art education opens possibilities and opportunities for learners to discover themselves, their creativity, values, ethics, societies and cultures.
  • Visual art education develops an understanding of creative practice through knowledge, understanding and production of art in contexts.
  • Visual art education develops the abilities to think critically and imaginatively, it fosters/aims at intercultural understanding, and an empathic commitment to cultural diversity.
  • Visual art education should be systematic and be provided over a number of years, as it is a developmental process. Learners should engage with 'making' alongside learning about art, and art in a historial context.
  • Visual art education develops a range of literacies and aesthetic dispositions, with a major focus on visual literacy and aesthetic assessment.
  • Visual literacy is an essential skill in today’s world. It encourages appreciation and understanding of visual communication and the ability to critically analyse and make meaningful images.
  • Art encourages the development of many transferable skills which enhance learning in other curriculum areas. It also enahnces general life skills such as critical thinking, self-direction, risk taking, Reflection, and resiliancy.
  • Visual arts helps students to understand themselves, building confidence and self-esteem, and contributes significantly to their own well-being, including their mental health.

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